Welcome, I’m Francesco!

Messenger of Light and Psalmist, at home and at a distance.

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The journey begins, in the Energetic Treatments, in the Teurgian Psalm and in the Clowntherapy

The Lord desires to take care of you through His messenger of light, with treatments to relax your body, to lighten your mind, to accept your emotions, to pamper your spirit and to align yourself and also to discover the Psalms, help from the Angels and Archangels in your earthly pilgrimage and finally to rediscover your most joyful and serene, through clowntherapy good trip soul of light!

“A single ray of sunshine is enough to erase millions of shadows”

Saint Francis of Assisi

How can I help you?

I listen you

Ask me what you need and we will find together the best treatment for you, I am here to listen you and to give you the solution, read the services that I can offer you, listen to your heart and then jump into this new experience, I wait for you with open arms!