I am happy to welcome you to my home

Messenger of light, expert in Teurgia Psalm, multimaster in energy treatments, aligner and clowntherapy.

My family and my faith have always been important references for my life.

It all started when I was little, when I slept with my grandmother Anna and we said our prayers together before falling asleep. I felt a strong connection with the sky within me.

Then followed various spiritual experiences, which have always made me feel the closeness of the Angels .

Over the years I changed many jobs, I increasingly realized that my life mission was another, until I started clowning in hospitals, as a volunteer and I am still doing it today. This activity opened my mind to other possibilities, so I became interested in quantum physics, with lectures and seminars.

One night, I had an experience of a spiritual journey, which took me to the higher realms and since that day my outlook on life has totally changed.

When my mom Franca was called to heaven, the Angels they were close to me, I discovered the well-being of Indian meditation, which then accompanied me to the discovery of energy therapies and finally to the psalms.

I can’t wait to accompany you on this journey, of sharing, with you, of all this, but only if you really want it.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi


My vision of life

First, give thanks to God every single day. He gave us life and this earthly pilgrimage. It has given us the possibility and the opportunity to grow spiritually, taking care of our body, our mind and our spirit and then, when we are well, also of every other person we meet on our way or with whom we manage to enter contact, like you, who are now reading these words.

But sometimes the events of life complicate this project and so we get lost, or we don’t have the strength to start again.

I consider myself very lucky, the Lord has given me the opportunity to receive many gifts, which now I would like to make available to all people who finally want to know that sense of inner happiness, which you can feel exclusively in the depths of your soul.

My home and remote treatments

For body, mind, emotions and spirit

To rebalance your vital energy, which is within you.

I can treat all of yourself at the same time, or just the part you need most.

Alignment, to rediscover one’s way

To reconnect with your life project, the initial one, for which you were born.

All this also by realigning and optimizing your spine, to better support your body during the search for that life project that is within us.

Psalms, ancient and powerful prayers

Ask me what your personal psalms are. Each has his psalms, with Angels and Archangels helping him, if Their intervention is required.

I can also pray for you, with the Psalms, for any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problem.

Clown therapy, applied to everyday life

Face life with a smile, serenity and listening, every day. Even in the most complicated situations.

Aimed at those unfamiliar with clown therapy.