The psalms, to be more precise the psalm theurgy (ancient word that identifies prayer with psalms), they are ancient and powerful poetic prayers. If recited with faith, the psalms can help people from both a material, mental and spiritual point of view, for physical ailments, to lighten the mind and to regain deep faith.

An ancient manuscript, containing the Psalms, was found in a church in Israel, in which it was hidden from 400 to 1600 AD written in Aramaic and other ancient languages, with a Syrian symbolism dating back to 6000 years before Christ.

Each person has his own psalms “personal”, by reading them and asking with faith, you create unique bonds with your Angels. Ask me what your psalms are and I will be happy to send them to you. Your life will change for the better. To find out what yours are psalms personal, I need these data: your name, your date of birth and finally the name of your mother (if available). Then I will send you the psalms, in electronic format. Also enclosing the instructions for when to read them and which Angels to request their intervention.

Furthermore, for any problem, I can pray the psalms for you or for an important person in your life. By asking the help of Angels and Archangels, you will see and feel a new vitality within you and Their voice will help you to overcome and face any obstacle.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.”

Jesus Christ

Energy Treatments

For treatments for body, mind, emotions and spirit I use several techniques at the same time: Seichim, Ka Shen Sekhem, Ka Shen Gold, All love and Reiki that all together concretely help your vital energy to return to optimal levels, to support in every way, your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. Remember that the first 30-minute treatment is free, so you can experience this new energy cocktail, and then, if you feel its benefits, I will be happy to follow you along your wellness journey. You may feel some heat / vibration, but this is not always the case, it depends on each person, you may not feel anything, but get great benefits. I recommend you try!

I can also deal with situations , to bring them back into balance for your highest Good. For example, your work situation, or your romantic situation, or your university career, or your next meeting with a person, etc. etc. Have you lost your job? Did you fight with your family? You can balance any delicate situation, or that disturbs you, always for your best good.

Furthermore, these treatments are also effective with your animal friends , all the animals. They will be more relaxed and even more playful. For bodily and mental / emotional problems.

The effect of the alignment continues for a month, a year or longer, depending on each individual case. They will be carried out one per week.

All these treatments can also be given to people who need them, let me know the details of this person and I will take care of her. For any kind of problem.

N. B. All these treatments will be carried out from 15 to 7 every day, because the energy arrives in greater quantities. I need: name, surname, date of birth and place.

“Every day is one more day to love, one more day to dream, one more day to live”

Padre Pio of Pietralcina


Coaching in Clown Therapy

The messenger of light is also a clown, who will make you live a path, without hurry, of listening, every week I will send you 3 messages, with which I will invite you to put into practice an attitude/ behavior clown, to live every day in the relationship with yourself and with others, It will be simple and light, something that we are not usually used to, but that will open the doors of your heart, to make you feel good, and then go to meet people with joy and enthusiasm. You will bring your open-mindedness and your happiness to the world. Slowly, slowly you will change yourself and other people will notice it. You will be less stressed and you will face life with a different spirit, welcoming in diversity and always listening. In addition, once a week, we will talk by phone for 15 minutes, where you will tell me your progress, your doubts and I will give you advice and help you feel at peace with the world.

The course includes a minimum of 1 month or 2 months, or 3 months. Precisely because there must be no rush, but listening and time, to assimilate a new joyful and trusting approach to life.

“God does not look at the how much but the how; our perfection does not consist in doing extraordinary things but in doing ordinary things well “

San Gabriel, the saint of the smile