Listen to yourself, read and choose one or more treatments

Take care of the body

Our body sends us signals to slow down, that we are stressed, communicating with us through some pain or discomfort, it is up to us to listen to them and remedy them. I can treat your whole body at the same time, focusing on your weakest parts. Tell me what the problem is with your body and try this treatment.

Mental and Emotional Peace

Our mind and our emotions are always in “motion”, even when we go to bed, thoughts crowd our mind and emotions assail us, so we can’t sleep. This treatment is very useful for silencing the mind and calming the emotions. So we will rest much better and face life more positively.

Lull the spirit

The spirit is the part of us that we think less about, but it is also the most important, because it connects us with the sky and with our beloved Angels and Archangels. It is also the part that helps us when we live the experience of mourning, to process it and to feel the loved one, who has been called by God, within us. With this treatment we also take care of our spirit.

Alignment with one’s life plan and with the spine

Alignment is an energetic technique, which allows us to find our way in life, to return to follow it with confidence and enthusiasm, it also supports the spine and the skeleton, so we can return to move freely, without unnecessary weights. Are we not satisfied with our life? Do we feel we are not on the right track? Do we feel dominated by our mind? From physical impulses? From culture? and we don’t feel our heart anymore? The alignment is for you! You will come back to “think” with the heart!

Psalms, help from heaven every day

Psalms, a different way to pray, are simply sacred poems, written by authors such as King David, King Solomon and Moses. God has assigned to each psalm, an Angel, who guards it. When read with faith, the psalms work miracles in one’s life. I recommend reading them every day and you will see your life change.

Clown therapy, smile and sensitivity .. in everyday life

Clown therapy, as a way of life, a new way to face life, not only when life smiles at us, but also when life seems difficult or meaningless. Listening, sharing, solidarity, serenity, help all this and much more is clown therapy. Contact me and you will begin to face your life, in a more serene way, more directed towards others, more listening, because if you love, you will be loved.

“If we want to build peace in the world, let’s build it in the first place within each of us.”

Dalai Lama